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Where to find MILFs

5 Unexpected Places to Find MILFs

Well, it sounds like you should be dating older women, cougars if you will.

Now, you might think that even if you'd like to date a cougar, you wouldn't even know where to start. Well, firstly if you're moderately mature and physically fit you'll do just fine in the cougar dating pool.

The trouble is that you might not meet a cougar at your usual bar or night club. Older more sophisticated women usually don't frequent loud clubs where it sounds like they're playing the same EDM song on repeat for four hours.

You won't find a cougar there unless she's the type who is desperately trying to be a "cool mom" and cling to her youth. The kind of MILF you should be aiming for is the kind who is embracing the aging process and isn't trying to stay forever 21.

So, if you're looking for a more mature, sophisticated, older woman you might have to branch out from your usual routine to meet them. If you really want to dive into the cougar dating scene, you're going to have to step out of your comfort zone. Abandon your rowdy club for somewhere that is more elevated.

Here is a little list of places where you might find a cougar who is looking for a younger man:

  1. 1. Coffee shops near professional centers

    If you're looking to start a conversation with a MILF, a crowded club is certainly not the place to do it. I suggest aiming for somewhere with a more casual atmosphere that is in an area of town that isn't infested with hipsters.

    Start frequenting a coffee shop near your work or in a businessy part of town. There you're likely to run into more than one older women on a coffee run.

    While she's more likely to be in a hurry to get to work, she is probably tired of her daily grind. Anything unexpected will immediately be appealing to her, like a younger man going out of his way to flirt.

    On top of this, some coffee shops hold open mic nights or small music events. If you find a coffee shop that isn't hipster-fied they might hold events featuring older, local artists that are likely to attract an older, more mature crowd.

  2. 2. A fancier, expensive bar

    Any older woman isn't going to waste her time at a sticky dive bar only to drink well vodka and end up with a hangover in the morning. You're not going to pick up any sort of high-class cougar in an establishment like this.

    Save your money and go to a bar with a swanky atmosphere and high-end liquor. If you start going to bars that cater to a higher paying clientele you're going to meet more women who fit the cougar esthetic.

    So offer to buy her a Grey Goose martini and work your magic. Make sure you actually have something to talk about other than drinking and partying. That isn't going to fly with an older woman. So read up on some classic literature or watch an interesting movie before you dare open your mouth at the aforementioned bar.

  3. 3. Lounges aimed at an older demographic

    Older people aren't boring. You aren't always going to find an older woman seated stoically at a bar drinking a dirty martini all by her lonesome.

    Cougars definitely know how to have fun. So instead of looking in a quiet coffee shop or a mellow bar, head to a lounge or club that aims toward an older non-EDM-listening crowd. There you'll find groups of older cougar women out for a night on the town.

    Think about how much younger girls like to dance. I can promise you that doesn't go away once a woman ages. So polish up your partner dancing, because grinding isn't exactly going to fly. Head out to a club that caters to an older demographic with a few of your friends who are similarly game for cougar hunting.

  4. 4. Concerts featuring classic artists or older styles of music

    Again, cougars love to have fun. So you're not necessarily going to find them doing swanky, chill cougar things. If you're really looking to meet an older woman, start listening to older music.

    Start listening to artists and styles of music that appeal to an older generation of women. So turn down the deep house and turn up some jazz or classic rock. When a particular artist that older women like come through to play a tour they go wild and buy tickets immediately. This is your time to strike.

    Buy a ticket to see a show you wouldn't ordinarily see and go cougar hunting. You're bound to meet several older women who are looking to get wild, especially on that particular night. Plus if they're looking to date a younger guy long-term they'll at least know - or they'll think - that you have music in common!

  5. 5. Vegas

    Where's the ultimate place for a cougar to play? Vegas of course.

    Vegas caters to both the old and the new. So in between your trips to crazy EDM clubs take a trip to an area of Vegas where the older people are. There are bound to be groups of older single women on vacation with less than sophisticated intentions.

    So take your bros out to a bar where a crooner is playing and start chatting up older women. Vegas is a town where people purposefully go to look for fun. So there will 100% be cougars in town who are more than willing to give you a chance.