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Older MILFs

Here's Why You Should Date Older Milfs

There are almost too many reasons why you should be pursuing an older woman, regardless of any stereotypes or precautions people tend to take before going head first into one of these rendezvous. Not only do women get better with age but they will be able to offer you more than you could even begin to imagine. So don't you dare pass up the next aged woman without giving her a chance.

  1. 1. Better In Bed:

    If they have kids and still have time to keep up with their physical appearance, then I'm sure they know what they're doing around the bedroom. You can bet your ass that they have had a lot of experience in the sheets, being that hot and apparently popping out a couple of children. If she is still on the market and looking that good at her age, you better be doing everything you can to sweep her off those feet of hers because guarantee she won't be on the market for long.

    Not only have they been in bed for many more years than you but have much more experience with what really turns men on and know how to leave them satisfied. They are also great instructors since they've raised kids they will be more than willing to teach you all of their sleazy and satisfying sex tricks, making you feel like a sex god.

  2. 2. Wild Sex Drive:

    Once women hit a certain age all of those restrictions and requirements of getting them into bed go straight out the window. All they care about it getting down and dirty in every possible way because why the hell not? Women get better with age, and their sex drive goes thru the roof leaving them untamed and constantly ready for sexy time. There are no games where you have to try to wine and dine them until you've convinced them that you're a decent enough human being to sleep with. Instead, they are leading you to their lair and pouncing on you the second you come into contact.

    Not entirely sure if you will find the time where she isn't ready to rip both of your clothes off and get dirty wherever you both may be. She may even be more equipped to many more rounds than you, so make sure you're stamina is high to keep up with this sex monster. You'll be surprised how her sex drives blow yours right out of the water, so never underestimate a milf.

  3. 3. No Ridiculous Expectations:

    The older the woman, the fewer games she is willing to play with you about emotions and the relationship type of conversations that usually go along with such feelings. She obviously has been through many relationships if she has children and knows exactly what not to do when it comes down to it, so she isn't into playing ridiculous games filled with drama.

    Instead, she is focused on having a mature and exciting relationship with you, instead of the immature fights that younger women tend to start in need for validation and out of insecurities. Stop wasting your time on the women that have this unrealistic expectation of what you should be doing and how you should be acting and instead be with someone that accepts you for everything that you are.

    No, you don't have to post about your hot milf and tag her in everything you post or make sure you're explaining yourself every ten minutes with a guys night out. She expects you to be yourself and see her for the beautiful woman she has blossomed into, instead of playing mind games exerting energy on fighting instead of fantastic sex.

  4. 4. Confident:

    A woman that has been through all the stages of life knows herself pretty damn well which ensures she knows exactly what the hell she wants, in bed or out. She won't be needy or demand anything of you but a good sex routine and respect. She's been through the ups and downs of life and now is finally realizing that she can let loose and let her freak flag fly, and that means getting throwing all o the nonsense aside and getting down to the sexual business she really desires.

    You best believe she will say what's on her mind and voice any concerns she has with dating you or any sexual needs she has, basically giving you a tutorial of everything she wants from you. Don't be intimidated but admire dating a confident woman that isn't putting you through a roller coaster of emotions but able to stand up for herself and expect the same out of you.

  5. 5. Independent:

    Let's make this clear; she does not need you in her life she wants you in it. She does not need you blowing up her phone every second, pay her bills or always remind her of how amazing she is. Apparently, every woman would love that, but this type of bad bitch doesn't need anything but for some real sexy time and loyalty. She is completely capable of taking care of herself and considers you a bonus in your life rather than a necessity, giving you space and room you need to be your own person still.

    Don't take it personally when she wants some space just to do her because she is used to taking care of herself and she will need personal time to regroup and reassess her life at times. Admire and appreciate her independent ways because that means she isn't down your throat reminding you of everything you're not doing right.

    If you're still not entirely sure whether to just go for it, just take my advice and do it! There is no harm in pursuing the woman of your dreams regardless of her age or children she has, focus on the great (sexual) connection you have with each other and go for it. She will exceed all expectations and make you realize that you've been missing out ever since you started dating.

Older women will open up the doors to everything you never knew about what a relationship should consist of, starting with the mind blowing sex you should be having every single night.