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Sexiest cougars ever

Top 10 Sexiest Cougars Ever

Just because time goes on and women get older doesn't mean they get any less sexy. If anything they improve with age, just like wine, and continue to intimidate and make all of the young men drool. The majority of these women look nothing near their age, making it just a number, so you can't be too surprised if they're dating men ten plus younger than them.

If anything these women keep up with their appearances so much, apart of their genetic blessings, revealing their focus on appearance and increasing sex drive.

  1. 1. Demi Moore:

    Since her first marriage, she has always attracted the younger men who are persistent enough to try and take her off the market. Starting with marrying Ashton Kutcher with an almost sixteen-year difference, she has never looked her age and seems to be only getting better looking. Age has never had any adverse effect on this beauty if anything she is getting riper and growing into her looks every year.

    Even after her split, she went for a musician, which she was almost double his age but that didn't stop her from testing out the waters and seeing what these young, driven men could offer her.

  2. 2. Mariah Carey:

    She has undeniably gotten hotter, even after having kids, maintaining her tight and fit body with glowing skin and facial care. Her most recent husband was over ten years younger with a previous boyfriend being more than five years younger, which looks like she is increasing the gap as the time goes on.

    If any young men are on the search for a hot, single cougar, she might be the woman for you. Remember, hot looks come with a wide array of personality that comes along with it, so you want to prepare yourself for the unimaginable because sometime's it's hard to be that attractive on a daily basis.

  3. 3. Jennifer Aniston:

    It's almost unbelievable how good looking this woman is and continues to be, showing off her killer body in her recent movies. It doesn't seem possible to look the same age for decades, but she happens to keep making unbelievable appearances, making everyone question their personal beauty regime because she obviously knows what she is doing.

  4. 4. Jennifer Lopez:

    Named the sexiest woman on earth, this bootylicious and all around beautiful human being has recently been on the prowl tying down Drake for a little. One of her past boyfriends was eighteen years younger than her, not phasing either of them and leading to a pretty successful relationship for the most part, while they lasted.

    Since she began her career her timeless aging has only proved justifiable with her continuing booming career, and various appearances made showing off her hard work at the gym and keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, makeup and skin care.

  5. 5. Madonna:

    This hot woman has had over a thirty year age gap between her and her lovers, only intensifying the lust and affection they have showed for each other throughout her roller coaster love life. She continues never to disappoint when going on tour and wearing the most revealing and scandalous clothes, reminding the world that age has nothing to her and neither does apparel.

  6. 6. Sandra Bullock:

    There have always been huge age gaps between her and her lovers whether it be with Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds, the age difference did exist. No matter her age, she has always blossomed into an even more sexy woman than the year before, leaving men speechless when she would actually go for the younger crowd.

    Even though she comes off as America's sweetheart that is not stopping her from stealing all of the young men's hearts when takes her turn with them.

  7. 7. Cameron Diaz:

    Has there ever been a time where you've seen her age, even just a little? The answer is no, and she continues to steal everyone's heart with her rocking body and beautiful skin. Not sure how she seems to never age but you can tell in all of her recent movies and interviews, her young spirit and the bright smile never ceases to amaze her audience, especially the cubs.

  8. 8. Eva Mendes:

    She is currently married to Ryan Gosling who is seven years younger than her depicting the perfect cougar marriage. Age has got nothing on this couple, as they both keep up with their looks and even have an adorable child together.

    Her impeccable style only emphasizes her attractiveness as she pulls off any bodycon dress and the riskay outfit she puts on her body. Not to mention her luscious long locks and incredible bone structure making taking her back to her twenties quickly.

  9. 9. Robin Wright:

    Even though she isn't one of the most talked about actresses but she still kills it when it comes to looks and age coinciding. With a more than ten year age gap, she maintains her tiny physique and even stars in an Australian film where she engages in a relationship with her best friend's son, who is barely passed the legal age of consent.

    Not entirely sure if the movie was a coincidence or she secretly loved acting on her cougar ways during the film. Regardless she is beyond hot, and her looks and roles are there to prove it.

  10. 10. Vivica A. Fox:

    Young Hollywood men are her weakness, with even over a ten year age gap between her ex-fiance showing that she does not mind seeking out younger men to sweep her off her feet. By no means has her physical appearance deteriorated, if anything she has become more fit and continued to glow with beauty at any appearance.

So if for one reason you're a little worried about aging, these older milfs give you hope that if there is a will, there is a way. It is possible to get better with age to accept all that you can and ooze confidence because that's one of the characteristics of being sexy.