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MilfPlay review

MilfPlay Review - Dirty MILF dating exposed

If you're considering downloading this dating app in hopes for the perfect Milf or to sign yourself up for some fun when the kids are asleep, then you should definitely keep a few things in mind before installing.

As convenient as this app may sound, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best option out there for you, so before making any rash decisions take a sneak peek at what MilfPlay is really all about.

  1. 1. Over Priced:

    Let's start off by cutting to the chase of spending hard earned money and receiving no original return. Now that just sounds like a waste of money and time if you ask me. There's no reason that the trial membership fee should be so expensive, especially if there aren't any guarantees on having any results.

    There are so many different features that require a membership upgrade having the costs slowly add up, still with no guarantee that you will successfully be matched with either a Milf or young man in search for one.

  2. 2. Fake Accounts:

    This site states that they don't make any of the profile's themselves when in reality the second you create a profile, numerous amount of messages pop up within minutes of the new profile. As flattering and convenient as that would be, chances are this can easily be a scam as an overflow of new messages upon profile creation is a common denominator is scams. To communicate and respond to any messages you had to upgrade your entire profile, so another way to spend money when talking to bots.

    Even if the whole profile is empty with no photos or information, messages start accumulating which doesn't seem to be credible. Why would hot women take time out of their day to pursue inactive and incomplete profiles? Doesn't make much sense if you were to ask me. There is also a 'poking' feature that is another way to make you upgrade your membership if you want to determine who poked you and sent them a message.

    This could be another ploy from the app, making you curious about who was behind the poke when in reality it's the bot giving your new profile attention, rather than a real human being.

  3. 3. Automated Messages:

    Whether it be the instant messages being sent by the bots upon profile creation or the “ice breakers” that are automatically sent out when there hasn't been any activity between matches, goes to show that this isn't a reliable dating source.

    The icebreakers are supposably sent from women who updated their membership to automatically send these messages or are they from the bots that the service created to initiate conversations, leading the men users on for the sole purpose of taking their money.

    These are also sent out if the men are constantly messaging the same women in hopes for a response to get things going, which in turn takes away from the woman's experience and say if she even wanted to pursue that guy.

    From all of this information, can you sincerely tell me you feel confident in spending money on this app in hopes of successfully finding a sexy Milf you will actually meet? Regardless of the small talk that takes place with you and a few women, it raises another question if they're even real in the first place?

    Not too sure about you but I know that I want to see some results when I keep paying for random features that should already be included in the already overpriced membership fee.