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Cougar Sex Tips

7 Essential Cougar Sex Tips You Need to Know

If you are anything like most people, you probably tend to date within your own age range. People gradually get snatched off the market by marriage, leaving primarily younger single people.

However, thanks to divorce and outright independence more people are single, especially older women. This phenomenon has lead to an increase in cougars prowling about your local dating scene, and they're not only interested in sleeping with men their own age.

More and more people have decided to dip their toe into the cougar dating pool only to immediately want to swim out into the deep end. However, if you've been wooing and subsequently sleeping with younger women, you're going to need to acquire a whole different set of techniques when it comes to cougars.

Just like you wouldn't catch a bird with a bear trap, you wouldn't use the same lines and techniques you'd use for a twenty-something when trying to ravish a cougar.

Sex is a whole different ballgame with a cougar. You certainly can't expect the same experience in bed with a cougar as you would a younger girl. It's an entirely different and more nuanced experience.

So before you take that MILF back to your place, you ought to look over these tips for cougar sex that you should never ever forget.

  1. 1. Be Flexible

    Apart from the literal meaning behind this tip, you should be flexible as far as with what you're willing to try in bed. If you're used to doing things a certain way, you should be more than willing to abandon your preconceived notions about how sex should go.

    This is especially important for you guys who think they know everything. If you're several years her junior, you shouldn't be too rigid. If she wants to try something different than what you're used to, be a man and admit you're inexperienced, and allow her to take charge.

    View every sexual venture as its own experience and learning opportunity.

  2. 2. Be Submissive

    Cougars are known for their confidence and robust personalities. These qualities may very easily bleed over into the bedroom. You should be prepared for that.

    Understand that playing a more submissive role doesn't make you any less masculine (unless that's what you're into of course. In that case, to each their own).

    If your chosen cougar knows what she wants, let her take it from you.

  3. 3. Be dominant

    Conversely, women who are regularly playing a dominant role at work or in their personal life could maybe use a break from being in control.

    Sometimes the women who have the most control over their lives are the ones who prefer to let go in the bedroom.

    If your cougar tends to be less dominant in the bedroom, be prepared to take charge. Don't be intimidated by your lack of experience, the reason she's sleeping with you is that you're more impressionable than older men who are more set in their ways - both emotionally and physically.

    Either way, be prepared to fulfill whatever your cougar desires. Besides, cougars understand the concept of sexual reciprocation much more than any college girl who refuses to go down. You're likely to be repaid for your efforts.

  4. 4. Have confidence, don't be arrogant

    While you may have been able to get away with being a cocky bastard with younger women, cougars will see right through you.

    No one likes a guy who is too cocky and too into themselves, cougars are less willing to put up with this type of attitude. They've been around longer, and they understand that they can't change anyone, which is something younger women have to learn. So while younger girls might be willing to tolerate your douchebaggery, a cougar will be quick to kick you to the curb.

    Similarly, if you're spineless, a cougar isn't going to waste their time with you either. If you lack confidence in a big way, cougars - much less any women - aren't going to be attracted to you. Women want a man who is sure of who they are and doesn't need someone to hold their hand with every decision they make.

    This translates directly over into the bedroom. If you're going to be too arrogant or frozen in fear in the bedroom then you're essentially useless. Sex takes two people, not just one guy being a douche and not just one woman trying to get the man to try something other than missionary.

    Learn to strike the right balance between confidence and humility; otherwise, you're going to repel cougars rather than attract them.

  5. 5. Don't let yourself go

    One of the main reasons why cougars like to date younger men is because of their in infinitely better shape than most older guys. You both look better than old guys and have much better stamina.

    Make sure that you manage to maintain your appearance, and more importantly your sexual prowess, otherwise you're going to get kicked to the curb instantaneously.

    Now I'm not saying that cougars are shallow and that you have to maintain a physic akin to Adonis. However, you should make sure you're taking care of yourself. Just because you're getting laid doesn't mean that you should stop working out and grooming yourself.

    Just make sure you're keeping your body healthy. You don't need an eight pack. However, you really should be hitting the gym a couple of times a week and not eating like a slob. Make sure you're making time for cardio and eating your veggies. As long as you don't start completely start embracing a dad-bod and a childish diet you should be golden.

    A rule of thumb: if it affects your bedroom performance negatively, don't do it.

    Now that you've looked through these tips, you're better prepared to catch yourself a cougar.